Photo/Film/Slide Transfer &
Video Production Services provides a variety of services which allow you to have your photographs, films or slides put on one of three different formats.

You may choose to have your materials put on CD, DVD or videotape.

Unlike many "big box" stores who do transfers by sending them out to be transferred, VPS does the transfer in-house so as to provide added security to your precious materials.

Additionally, VPS not only scans your photos and slides but also provide individual image correction including exposure and color problems.

There are several ways in which you can send us your photos and slides.  The first is to bring them to our office where we will go over your project with you.
8mm/16mm FilmTransfer & Duplication
Video Production Services also provides transfer services of 8mm (regular and super 8) and 16mm film to DVD.

As with photo and slide transfer services, you may request a "transfer kit" to send your film to us for transferring.

Our transfer process includes the cleaning of the film and repairing and/or splicing your film as needed.  We can also add titles (extra charge) and add chapters to your completed DVD as well.  We will enhance the color, clarity, tone and contrast to restore your film footage to the best quality possible.

If you prefer, we can digitize your footage as an uncompressed AVI or MOV file so that you can edit the film on your home computer.
Need film, video or audio tape repaired?
VPS can transfer 16mm (silent or sound), regular 8mm, Super 8mm (silent or sound) film to DVD.
Photo transfer example

Film transfer example

Ever have one of your videotapes, films or audio cassettes break? Video Production Services can repair you tape or film at a very nominal cost. Just give us a call at (319) 385-2041 or (888) 324-4098 and we'll make arrangements to get your tape or film repaired. Just another service VPS has for you, our customers.

A second way is to use our online service where you can fill our an order request and upload your files to us.  After we receive your files, we will then contact you to go over your specific needs.

A third way is to request a "transfer kit" which we will send you to send your photographs, slides or film.  The kit includes an order form, instructions for sending your materials and a box to mail your materials.  You may request this "transfer kit" by clicking on the transfer kit request button below.