Just one call to Video Production Services of Iowa L.C. is all it takes to schedule a legal video specialist for depositions across the U.S. and around the world.

VPS will provide you with not only with the VHS master of the deposition, but we will also provide you an audio cassette of the deposition being taken. Both of these tapes will be available to you at the completion of the taping of the deposition except when copies of either the audio tape or the videotape are needed. Should you need copies, VPS turn-around time is 24 hours in most situations. The deposition will be recorded in digital format and can be provided in either DVD, VHS, Mini-DV or Super-VHS formats. Camera shots are framed on the witness throughout the deposition except when close-ups are necessary to show detail in an exhibit.

Legal Video Services
Our Standard Deposition Package Includes:
Videographer on site one hour in advance of scheduled start time.
One set of DVD or VHS originals recorded on site, to serve as the Law Firm's master tapes. Individual lavalier microphones for the deponent to ensure the highest quality sound reproduction. (Additional microphones as needed for large depositions.)
One complimentary set of audio tapes, recorded on site and handed to the court reporter at the conclusion of the deposition.
Additional lighting in situations where normal room lighting is insufficient.
Notarized affidavit by videographer, certifying that all tapes are a true and accurate record of the deposition (as required).
Discounted rates for depositions of long duration (over a period of consecutive days) or for quantity over a period of time.
To contract our services, call (319) 385-2041 or email us at vpsia@aol.com.