Video Production Services of Iowa now has the capabilities to transfer your videotapes, home movies, slides or photos to high quality DVD.

DVD is the latest in technological quality, both in terms of video quality and audio quality. VPS records your videotapes, film, slides or photos on DVD-R which is compatible with most all recent DVD players. There are, however, some players which DVD-R is not compatible. A list of the DVD players which are compatible with DVD-R can be found on the Compatibility Page. Also, most DVD players which have been purchased within the past five years do read DVD-R. If you want further information regarding compatibility, please give us a call or e-mail us at

If you live outside the southeast Iowa area, please email us for a "transfer kit" which we will provide you to send your photos, slides or film to us for transfer.  There is no charge for this kit.

The cost for recording to DVD is $19.95 for up to 2 hours.  Transfers less than one hour is $14.95.  VPS also provides discounts for multiple (10 or more) transfers.  The price includes labels and a hard plastic case.
Videotapes, Photos, Slides and Film
to DVD
DVD Region Codes

Almost all commercial DVDs that are sold have what is called a "region code" (also called "regional code"), which only allows the DVD to be played on DVD players that have this region code, and the only DVD players that typically do have this region code are those sold in that same region. For example, almost all DVDs and DVD players sold in North America have a region code of "1", and DVDs with a region code of "1" can only be played on DVD players with that same region code. Similarly, almost all DVDs and DVD players sold in Germany have a region code of "2", and DVDs with a region code of "2" can only be played on DVD players with that same region code. What this means is that if you live in North America and order a DVD from Germany, it probably will not play on your DVD player.

The region code refers to a geographic region of the world rather than the language of the DVD. For example, North American DVDs may be in English, French, or Spanish, but all have region code "1", while DVDs from the U.K., France, and Spain all have a region code of "2", as do those from other countries of Western Europe. The region code, which in some languages is referred to as a "country code" usually appears on the back of DVD cases toward the bottom, and may be represented merely as a number or as a number within a stylized or squashed globe. Here are the region codes in widespread use today:

DVD Region Codes

Code Where
1 USA & Canada
2 Europe & Japan
3 South East Asia
4 Latin America & Australia
5 Russia, Rest of Asia and Africa
6 China
8 International Venues, Cruise Ships, Planes, etc.

Blu-ray Region Codes

Blu-ray Discs use a much simpler region-code system than DVD with only three regions, labeled A, B and C.

Code Where
A Americas, East and South East Asia
B Europe, Africa, Oceania, Middle East, French territories, Greenland
C Central and South Asia; Mongolia, Russia, and People's Republic of China.